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Tis the season of giving...

Hi guys! It's now officially summer in Australia! ( dancing around!). As much as I want to fill you in with my plans for summer, which involves A LOT of awesome things, today, I really want to talk to you guys about a very important matter, and I NEED your help!

I looove shopping, especially online shopping at KOOGAL ( ehem, ehem). Who doesn’t love finding things that make your heart go pitter-patter – a fabulous dress, the perfect cozy graphic tee, or a beautiful necklace? But what if those things could also give back to someone in need? And that’s the idea behind today's post.

This Christmas, KOOGAL has teamed up with the nice people at Salvation Army, to help raising fund for the less fortunate, to ensure they can enjoy the festive season too.

Our Pledge
Starting from Thursday 5/12/13 to Tuesday 31/12/13, KOOGAL make a pledge to donate 30% of our profit toward the fund of the Red Shield Appeal (in addition to our monthly support of Blue Dragon).

How you can help 

The ultimate goal is to initiate generosity and love for others, but it’s a long process, so we have taken a few first steps. There are millions of people who have never supported a charity before, so asking for a monetary donation might be weird :/ (I like giving, but I don't want to be asked to give)

So we thought, let’s encourage people to donate their social influence first. How? You can donate your social influence by helping us spread the words about this worthy cause. Besides, we made it super easy for you to do so.

Next time, whenever you buy that cute dress at KOOGAL, rest assured that that you did yourself a good deed and good karma will find you.
Happy shopping and happy giving, pretty ladies! 

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