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Tropical Dreaming ...

Hi gals and guys!
It's now officially summer in Australia, and the festive season of Xmas is fast approaching (By the way, we Aussies totally rule because we celebrate Xmas At. The. Beach, Yeah! We celebrate IN STYLE! my friends" Hi-5! Even though it's now cooler than it should have been. Dear God! you should have experienced Xmas last year, 45 degree heat to begin with, you could literally just melt away.

This year, the weather is awesome, a bit strange, yes, but awesome, perfectly nice, warm, no rain with enough kool wind ( by the way, did you hear it snowed up on the mountain like 2 days ago, in summer. Australia is such a strange country, but I repeat, we Aussies totally rule! =)

This awesomely strange festive weather has me dreaming about our tropical getaway. We planned to travel to Vietnam to visit our families at the beginning of next year, and to celebrate Lunar New Year too. ( A bit of background info. for the curious types, Lunar New Year is the biggest celebration of the year for Vietnamese, and yes, it's the same occasion at the Lunar New Year The Chinese celebrate. Vietnam is heavily influenced by Chinese culture, but we invent our own food, sweets, traditions and all..., Speaking of food, I could go on ALL DAY LONG about how awesome the food is for Lunar New Year, I'll save it for another post then. It's so so so so so awesome.... I get excited just typing about it t$%*^**)

Anyways, hubby and I decided to visit Thailand, because a/Vietnam and Thailand is so close b/Thailand is awesome c/because we want to...
This is my research so far ( I get super inspired reading about people's travel experience, especially blogs with pretty pictures)

Behold for this post is full of beautiful pictures of Vietnam and Thailand...

Lantern festival in Hoian. Its beauty is beyond words. You'll just have to be right there, to feel that warm eccentric atmosphere, to walk the routes across the small town, to talk to the most honest, friendliest people, to fall in love with Hoian. Trust me on this! I was born there =)
What I love most about traveling is the excitement of discovering something new, and with Hoian I discovered that my love for good food is eternity =)

If you were planning to go to Hoian, do yourself a favour and try Com Ga (Chicken rice)
This blog post has you covered about what it is and where the best place is to have it
Street Food Hoi An  You're welcome!

By the way! FYI  I cook a mean dish of chicken rice!  =)

Danang is my second hometown and I absolutely love it there. The beach is super nice. Not like the super cold beaches in Australia, beaches in Vietnam are nice to bathe in, it's warm, and super refreshing. I looove it !

Though growing up in a beach town, as embarrass as I am, I have to admit I can't swim. (Yep! you got my Achilles heel)
Moving on from my embarrassment! if you ever visit Danang, be sure to visit Linh Ung Pagoda. It has the shape of a turtle( which considered to be one of the four sacred animals of Asian belief). Especially, there is a Guan Yin statue that is considered as the highest statue in Vietnam (67 meters height approximately 30 stories).
Rumors have that since the development of this statue, there has never been any serious natural disasters in Danang withing 6 recent years ( Locating at the rear of the East Sea, Danang and Hoian is had to face natural disasters like storms, flood, ets every year)
Remember the terrible typhoon Haiyan that destroyed Philippines earlier this year? It was forecasted  to be heading straight to Danang after leaving Philippines, and the impact would have been disastrous. In the end, it changed its way and headed towards the north before weakening and disappearing. Co-incident? You decide!

Because I have never been to Thailand, I don't have much to tell you, just a few pretty pics to share my excitement with you. Where do you plan to go for your holiday? Let me know in the comment section!

Next post, I will be showing you gals what I plan to wear on holiday. Definitely rocking my cute dresses from KOOGAL such as this one

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Awwww! I loooove being a girl <3

Stay kool and pretty

Lots of love

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