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How I style 1 KOOGAL Dress in 5 ways- Easy Breezy

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Hi Gals and Guys!

First of all Happy New Year Y'all! I hope y'all had an awesome NYE, and are ready to rock 2014. Today, I'm really excited to share with you gals about a little dirty secret:" It doesn't matter how much clothes I have, I don't have anything to wear! True Story" I know you are nodding your head in agreement! Because it seems to me every girl feels the same way.

Here is the good news, this summer I found that ONE dress ( yep! just one) that easily float between looks, styles and occasions. I mean Who doesn't love a little white dress? Us gals love it, and apparently dudes love it too.

Here is how I style this cute white dress into 5 different looks



























1-The Casual Chic

For this look, I matched my booties with my satchel for a casual look, however the rainbow wrist bracelet keeps it super fun.

Wear this look to a picnic, go shopping with your gals or just a stroll in the park with your sweetheart <3
Coconut Juice Shift Dress -$49 
Pink Twist Bracelet Bangle -$19

2- The Skater Gal

Transform the dress into a chic top by tucking it in the distressed YOUR BOYFRIEND jeans
Toss in a some amazing colored bracelets because... you can. Here I use the Charmer Bracelet and the Pink Twist Bracele. 
I particularly love the cap. I got it during my trip to Vietnam and it is sooo awesome and unique. The entire cap is made from recyled Heineiken Aluminum cans, making it a fun, feel good accessories to wear around.
I got these kool sneakers in Japan. They look super kool, super comfy to wear and they have built in platform soles, so I can lie about my Asian height =)
 Coconut Juice Shift Dress -$49 
Your Boyfriend Jeans-$49
Pink Twist Bracelet Bangle -$19 
Charmer Bracelet-$19

3- The Lady Boss
 I love how delicate and classy this outfit is. Once again tuck the white dress in the Conquest Drape Maxi Skirt

I keep this outfit classic by sticking to 3 main colors: cobalt, white and pink. The rule to remember is because white is a neutral color, it can go with any color, so dress way me ladies!

 I keep this outfit fun by adding this super cute Great Brit Mustache Necklace and a cute thin belt. It's amazing how the right accessories can really bring the outfit to a whole new level.
 Of course, I have to wear my trusted pair of cobalt pumps. As high as they can get, they are moderately comfy to walk around ( for about 2 hours =)
 I also keep it simple by adding the Charmer Bracelet in Pink. The key is to play with different shades of colors to achieve your desired looks.
( By the way, do you notice the dark spots on the floor? There's a story behind it, A few years ago, some guys who live in the apartment above us smoked, throw the butt down to our balcony, the flame started caught on. Anyhow, the fire was stopped, but it did leave some marks till today. Moral of the story is Don't Smoke, or if you do, be responsible with your butts =)

Just throw on a faux leather jacket if it gets cold at night. You're ready to shine!

 Coconut Juice Shift Dress -$49 
Conquest Drape Maxi Skirt-$39
Charmer Bracelet-$19

Great Brit Mustache Necklace-$18
4-The Boho Chic

 This look is super fun to go thrift shopping or flea market, add in a carefree attitude and a big smile and you are ready to go!
 I love the bold color of this bag. Despite its size it really has a lot of space. I can easily fit in lots of stuff, without bringing a huge tote. Win!
 The Boho Chic allows you lots of kool crazy accessories. Here I stacked on the lot (Charmer Bracelet in Pink and RedPink Twist and Behold Set) and it looks and feels super fun.

I love the flow of this Drama Queen Long Cardi. 
It has a sheer back so it's super light and fly.
 Coconut Juice Shift Dress -$49 
Drama Queen Long Cardigan-$39
Charmer Bracelet-$19
Charmer Bracelet in Pink-$19
Pink Twist Bracelet-$19
Behold Set of 12-$19
Sunshine Statement Necklace-$24

5-Little Miss Innocent
 I really really love this outfit. It's perfect for a first date because it oozes cuteness. You'll feel totally in your elements because it's so adorable and comfy.
 This Ariana Circle Skirt comes in just the right length and color. I styled it with a cute pink belt and the color just pops.

Add a wide straw hat and the Charmer Bracelet for a touch of femininity 

Coconut Juice Shift Dress -$49 
Ariana Skirt-$39
Charmer Bracelet in Pink-$19
There you have it gals!
I hope this post has inspired you in your fashion journey. Let me know in the comment section, which style(s) you like best!
Lots of love

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