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Meet my Cuzin...!

Hi gals,
How are we going?
I haven't blogged in 2 weeks, and I have so much to tell you...
1: KOOGAL is now bubbling with a lot more amazing dresses and new arrivals that are exclusively made for us.
Check this dress out! Awesome right?
This beautiful Noble Maiden Slit Maxi Dress is now available to pre order online- $79
2: I’ve discovered a new website called CUZIN! Launching in just a few months.
Shaun- CUZIN's founder has kindly let me and you gals in an opportunity to pre-register for their exclusive invite-only launch!
So what is CUZIN?It basically is a social community of shopping fanatics, where members can purchase any product worldwide, by leveraging other ‘cuzins’ buying access or advantages. :
  • You can submit a request for any item you want and CUZIN's matching algorithm will push your request to cuzins best placed (be it geographically or commercially) to purchase the item on your behalf. You get the item you love shipped to your doorstep from anywhere in the world, and your cuzin earns a tip for helping you get the items you love!
  • In addition to accepting a shopping request, any cuzin can instantly monetise being in the right place at the right time (be it pre-season clearances, sales or an awesome unique store) by simply snapping a picture or web link of a product and publishing it on the platform. CUZIN will push these products to interested buyers worldwide. No need to buy the product until a matched cuzin accepts the offer! Potential buyers can even follow you if they like your style!
I can't wait till CUZIN launches xx

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