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7 tips to Mix & Match Every Fashionista swears by...

1/ Split skirt + covered up top

If you want to show off your slender long legs in the beautiful maxi split skirt, you should balance it out by covering up the top. The balance between showing skin and covering up is super essential. If you want to focus on the amazing cut of your skirt, you must let the top be the background of the whole outfit.


This white split dress is available at KOOGAL $79

2/ Shorts and blazer

The weather has become hotter and you feel like rocking your short shorts? If you know how to mix and match, rocking short shorts at the office won’t be a problem. In other words, you can show off your slender long legs without dressing all trashy flashy. It can be a blazer or light long cardigan… This little touch is essential to create your fashionista’s image.

This set of Shorts and Vest is available at KOOGAL $49/set

3/ Wear backless, with high neck

Nothing shouts class more than a beautiful backless dress that strategically shows off your toned smooth amazing back. The rule of sexiness applies again. Choose a backless dress with cut as low as you’d like, but keep your front covered up. Trust me! sometimes less is more.

This Pink Low back Dress is available at KOOGAL $49

4/ Cut our dress+ long coat

The cut-out dresses are so hot. This trend shows no sign of slowing down. You only need 1 detail of cut-out on your dress and a long oversized coat to ensure you look as cool as a cucumber.

5/ Deep V neck top/ dress by itself

The deep V neck is the perfect choice for you if you want to be the focus of the party. It seems this design is a match made in heaven for gals who follow the sexy image. If you already own a few deep V-neck top, don’t hesitate to match em with midi skirt or wide legged pants, or maxi skirts to maximise the focus of the top.


6/ Crop-top+ High Waisted Pants/ Skirt

It’s no wonder designers are obsessed with crop tops. They are perfect for the free spirit gals. Crop tops are best worn with high waisted pants or skirt. This set allows you to show some skin, without over exposing will scream sex appeal and elegance

This set of crop top and high waisted pants are available at KOOGAL $49

7/ Off the shoulder tops/ dresses

The last item in the list that helps you show some skin, without being naked is off the shoulder tops/ dresses.

This Off the Shoulder Set is available at KOOGAL $49

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