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Wearing: KOOGAL white blouse, KOOGAL lace bras, Charles & Keith Wallet, Nosbyn Pants

Sydney has entered a phase where you literally have to check the weather forecast constantly to decide your attire for the day. Today was one of those days. And for days like today, my go-to outfit would definitely include this super soft white blouse, which I team with my lace bras. Since discovering the wonder of lace bras, I have been fully converted and I'm not going back to normal bras any time soon. The reason being it is so comfortable and and I feel so sexy and classy with my lace bras on, despite me being flat-chested =).

I really love the feel of the fabric and the cap sleeve detail of this blouse. It reminds me of my primary school days in Vietnam, where we had to wear white shirt with navy blue long pants or skirt to school. Even though I love to play with clothes and accessories, sometimes I do wish that I can just slip on my white top and navy bottom uniform everyday just like the old time.

If you ask me what I love most about my clothes, I would say all my clothes are super comfortable. For me comfort has so go hand in hand with style. These high waisted pants are so comfortable and stylish I'm sleeping in them (Don't worry, I'm not... haha)...

Lately I have been wearing these pearl bracelet and necklace set ( gift from my mum- in- law) a lot. The reason being not only they are just so beautiful on their own, they go so well with most of what I'm wearing. I never owned pearl jewelery before but now I kinda know why girls love pearl.  Thanks mum <3

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