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My love for Sydney remains unchanged even though lately she has entered an unpredictable mood swing phase complete with strong gusts of wind, thunderstorm and hail. Today was no exception, however the sprinkling couldn't stop us from wandering the streets of the CBD... So after an exceptional good lunch from Chat Thai, we headed towards the Harbor, shielded under our tiny umbrella, determined to beat the weather and snap away.
I have always admired and inspired by the effortlessly chic style Audrey Hepburn portrayed. As I try on this classic yet fun LBD, I couldn't help but envision myself in the 60s fashion era.
As Audrey said so herself" ...happy girls are the prettiest girls..." I definitely felt pretty being silly walking under the rain and having deep and meaningful conversation with the love of my life.
Most of the time when we go out, we are usually to immersed in our food or conversation, we forget to take pictures. I'm so glad we managed to snap these photos today to preserve the sheer happiness I felt under the rain.

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