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Intazia Lime Green Sweater from Wengie

 The weather is getting a bit crazy here in Sydney it's like cold one day and raining and then super hot the next like what is going on??

So I decided to do a hot/cold inspired outfit today. It's like winter on the top and a summer party on the bottom :)!!
The comfy lime green sweater is from Koogal! It's called the Intazia knit it's super easy to wear and a great pop of color to your plain outfits. It's even got some wool and mohair blend which makes it super soft!! My likey ^^

In real life the sweat has some slight sparkles which makes it even more fun to wear! On a colder day I can imagine it going really well with some black leggings and your favourite beanie :)!! I can't wait to wear it like that too!
The shorts are from Camilla and Marc and yes I got them on sale for like $30!!! (They are retail over $200 so I was super happy) The only reason why they were probably on sale is these high waisted shorts have a habit of showing some bum cheeks haha, don't know how I feel about that one, but I love them anyways because they were a great steal :)!!
The straw hat belonged to someone, a friend not sure? Mine now :)!! And I absolutely love my leopard print pixel glasses!!
After the pics I'll tell you how you can win $250 to spend at Koogal :DD




Now I want one of you girls to win this giveaway! $250 at Koogal can get you more than like 5 outfits because their clothes are so reasonably priced! Maybe even 8? That's a pretty decent wardrobe add :)!! 
It only takes a few minutes as well!! The instructions are as follows:
For full details of the giveaway please click here!
There is also a nifty window that allows you to enter the comp as well!  There's not that many entries so enter :D If any of you guys win please let me know with a comment ^^ I can congratulate on this post and update it!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yay I hope one of you girls win ^^ I'm going to cross my fingers in bed for a while to wish you guys some extra luck ^^

I'm so tired but oddly energised after listening to Kara's Step.. but bed timesies for me :)!

Much love! Nities nites ^^ 
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Love love xo 
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