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Accessorising has never really come easily to me- hence the reason I love this dress. Between the cutouts and beading there’s really no need for a piece of jewellery. I love having “special occasion” dresses in my closet- they’re not something I buy frequently, and so I never seem to have anything to wear to dressy events. I’m totally ready to wear this out with boots and tights in winter! Do excuse my hair, I’m still getting used to styling it when it’s so short. And in the process of trying to curl it I accidentally crimped a bit into a huge kink right next to my face. Hair- 1. Izzy- 0.

Yes, I know it’s been forever since my last post. This past week I was in hospital for three solid days and in and out of doctors appointments for the rest. A nasty infection led to me basically having a hole cut into my leg, and it’s been hard to walk, let alone take outfit photos. Thank you to all those who have messaged/commented their best wishes- everything went so smoothly and I definitely rocked the purple hospital gown. Hope you have a wonderful week!


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