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A beautiful October day in Hyde Park Sydney

A beautiful October day in Hyde Park Sydney
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It was such a beautiful sunny day last Saturday. Sydney had been blessed with a downfall of rain after several months on the bridge of a drought, and after several days staying indoor, it was time to pack our picnic mat and went to our favourite picnic spot for some needed vitamin D. 
My boy loved to play outdoor and it was so much fun for him exploring. The trip from home to the park usually is a short one. However, on the day it took extra long because my baby was so excited he gets to play outside, he stopped and touched everything on his path. Awww, the world through his eyes must be so full of wonders. 
This reminds me to slow down and enjoy the beautiful city that we call home. I used to think that I'm a happy person, however recently I find that I fuss over things and get upset quite easily if things don't go the way I want. Sometimes, we are so caught up in the bandwagon of trying to achieve our goals that we forget to stop and smell the roses. After much self reflection, I realised that living is not about crossing items off your to-do list. It's about enjoying the process and embrace the little moments in your life: good or bad. And of course, spending time with your loved ones, which include running like mad to catch up with your 20 month- old who has the tendency of running into things because he's a/ busy looking behind him to see if anyone is running after him b/ thinks he's invincible and wants to test his own strength. 
Being a mum has its challenges, heck I admit it: It's sooo hard being a mum. In the morning, I'm usually allowed 5 minutes to get dressed and put on make up. But this month, grandpa and grandma are visiting and they have been such god-sent. Seeing the love between my in laws and my son really warms my heart. 
I was wearing this really beautiful red and white stripe maxi dress out and loved it so much. Not only it was super comfortable, the fabric felt amazing against my skin but the skirt was so full, it fulfils my dream of capturing the moment where I swirl my dress and it looks like I have wings ( you know the ones fashion bloggers always seem to capture so effortlessly). It turns out you just need the right dress to make you feel happy and beautiful. 

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