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Baby's first Picnic at Hyde Park and 2 tips on having the happiest baby

Baby's first Picnic at Hyde Park and 2 tips on having the happiest baby

Wearing: Red flowy maxi dress Pram: Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Baby Jumper: Cotton Kids

The weather last Saturday was amazing so we took little Andy out on his first ever picnic date. The day was so perfect I could not ask for anything to be better.

We walked our pram around to find a spot with shade, and sure enough we found one right in front of the beautiful fountain. There was a guy playing guitar nearby and even though it was nearly Autumn, the grass was still green and flowers were still blooming. We brought along a Vietnamese pork roll, a packet of fried squid that we bought on the way and Mr hubby stopped at his favourite coffee shop for a Cappuccino. I’m never fond of coffee but the coffee that day tasted strangely good. Maybe my mind was playing tricks or maybe the coffee was indeed excellent, I don’t know…


Even though Hype Park is busy with tourists, it doesn’t feel crowded at all. Baby Andy has been having his wonder week where his mind is more developed and he loves observing things around him. We put him down on his change mat and he loved laying there watching the sky, the trees and all things around him. He was so cute. His eyes were wide open as though he’s trying to take everything in. It’s a big and beautiful world out there, son. I especially love to look into his big curious bright eyes and see my reflection clearly in them. It is such a wonderful thing.

Little Andy and his dad was so cute during their cuddle session that when I looked up, there was an old tourist couple asking if they could take a picture of them. That was so cute. It’s nice when people are polite like that.

My 2 tips that I live by when dealing with my baby

1/ Put him on a schedule: I have been putting him on a schedule and he has been so much happier and I have been so much happier as well. I feel like with a schedule, I have a rough idea of what to expect and how to quickly respond to his cries. People say that you can learn to tell the differences in your baby’s cries. I absolutely have no clue whether he’s hungry or tired or bored when he wails. I went for two weeks without a schedule and just listened and try to figure out what his cries mean. It was chaotic and drove me nut. So now, I stick to my schedule.

I got the idea from Amber from and I can’t thank her enough. Not only she’s gorgeous and her two kids are so adorable, she’s an amazing mum.

The schedule I do is pretty straightforward:

He wakes up at 8:00 am> I would feed him straight away, then we play, nappy change, tummy time etc

He goes down for a nap at 9:30 am

Feed at 11 am (3 hours interval from when he last feeds), play and change nappy

Nap at 12:30 pm

Feed at 2pm, play and change nappy

Nap at 3:30 pm

Feed at 5pm, play and change nappy

Nap at 8:30 pm

Feed at 9:30 play and change nappy

10 pm/10:20 pm my husband and I would give him a bath then we feed him again

(This time we try to pack as much as he can take so he only gets up once at night to feed)

Giving him a bath at 10 pm is essential for us to get him to sleep deeply at night. After the bath he is so relaxed that he would feeds and falls asleep straight away. We are working towards sleeping through the night, but now he only feeds once for 10 minutes at night and falls back to sleep straight away so I’m not too concerned (I don’t change him, unless I hear him poop). It would be nice though, to get more sleep for myself.

2/ Use the 5 S's techniques.

I also just discovered the book ‘The happiest baby on the block' by Dr. Karp and O.M.G it changed my world. Little Andy is so much calmer, like day and night calmer when it comes to nap time.

I have heard of the 5 S's techniques and was a bit sceptical at first but after watching this Youtube clip. I gave it a try and it worked like a charm. My ‘aha’ moment was the Side Position as the back is the safest position for sleeping but the worst position for calming fussiness. Apparently, when you hold baby with his face facing up, he would feel like he was falling.

I hope this has helped any new mums a little. It certainly helped me. Hope you’re having a wonderful day xx

On a side note, this red off the shoulder flowy maxi dress made me feel strangely beautiful (Beautiful was exactly what I needed to feel after giving birth). I think it must be the color or the flattering off the shoulder dress or something. Anyhow. kudo to the power of a beautiful maxi flowy dress

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