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Butterfly life...

Butterfly life...
The thing that I love about butterflies is they remind me of new birth, new beginning. They start as ugly and spiky caterpillars, which no one loves, going through hardships in cocoons and turn into beautiful butterflies. As a kid, I was constantly in awe of watching butterflies during my walk from home to kindies. To a 5 year-old me, they seemed so carefree (while I have to go to kindies...) haha
Upon receiving these beautiful wings shoes from Zaful, sweet memory from childhood was instantly brought back and I couldn't wait to team these beautiful shoes with my cute mini black dress 
We took these photos quickly this morning... in bed and around the house, as it was hard to leave my heater. I think I'm having summer withdrawel symtoms (is it even a thing?). I can not wait for it get warmer so I wear my summer dresses.. out, not indoor, next to my my heater, and wrapped in a blanket... (I'm constantly  dreaming about flowy maxi dress and those beautiful wrap maxi dress
In the meantime, I will have to escape 'virtually' to a tropical island via Youtube videos.

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