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Going for a skinny & taller look? Try these 5 quick & easy fashion hacks...

Going for a skinny & taller look? Try these 5 quick & easy fashion hacks...

I’m a sucker for fashion hacks and tips. And when it comes to how to look skinner and taller without scarifying my favourite dessert items, I’m all ears. 

Not only these following 5 tips are quick and easy to follow, but they also work for pretty much all body shapes, especially those with apple and pear shape - simply because they make so much fashion senses.  

1/ Tuck your top in 

The art of tucking your shirt in has been around for so long, however, for some mysterious reasons, I feel like not enough people know about it. It works wonder when you want to look slimmer. You can experiment with a French Tuck, Half Tuck or a Full Tuck to see which works for your body.

To do a French Tuck, you basically tuck the front of your top in and leave the side and back of it hanging out. The Full Tuck is pretty self-explanatory: you tuck the whole thing in. And the Half Tuck is best done with a button-down shirt where you tuck half in and leave half out 

How does tucking make you look skinnier? Number 1: Using depth perception, it looks like you have a flat stomach. Number 2: it divides your body proportion in a way that makes your legs look longer and your torso shorter. And who doesn’t want to have longer legs? Right?

tuck your shirt in for a taller and skinnier frame, fashion hack 

2/ Wear cinched waist tops/ dresses

Look for tops and dresses that cinch at waists such as peplum tops or dresses. They help define your natural waistline in the most flattering way possible. Using a belt to cinch your waist could do the same trick, too. If you have some extra pounds around the tummy, wearing this kind of tops/ dresses help hide it very effectively 

cinched waist dress makes you look taller and skinnier

cinched waist top makes you look skinnier, fashion tips

3/Know your colours

 This one is an oldie but a goodie. It is scientifically proven that wearing a darker shade of colours such as blue, purple, brown and black can help you hide flaws and create a slimming illusion. On the contrary, the lighter shade of colours like white and khaki can give the illusion of a larger frame. 

black makes you look skinnier

4/ Crop top and high waisted bottoms 

Crop top and high waisted bottoms are a fashion match made in heaven. A crop top balances out the high waist of the bottoms and makes your legs look longer and ultimately adds at least a few cms to the illusion of your height. 

crop top and high waisted pants make your legs look longer


5/ Don’t be afraid to wear maxi skirts

A lot of curvy women are scared of wearing floor-grazing skirts and dresses. A well-cut maxi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking longer and leaner. You just have to the right shape and fabric. Choose a solid version that skims the length of your body, that creates a long, vertical line. Stay away from skirts that have pleats, pockets or too many layers. Keep your top fitted with a tucked-in T-shirt or a well-cut blouse. Also, keep your jacket cropped as well.

crop top and maxi skirt makes you look skinnier and taller

image credit: Sophinabull- Instagram 

maxi skirt makes you look taller, fashion hacks

Image source: Stylepantry 

When trying out these tips, keep in mind it always pays to dress up to the occasion - here is our handy guide on how to navigate the 5 most common dress codes for women.

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