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How to save up to 600% the next time you go shopping (so you can put it towards your summer vacation)

how to save 600% the next time you shop


There’s two types of girls in this world: there are those who love shopping and there are those who love shopping and hunting for big fat bargains. I’m the second type and if you are anything like me, you have come to the right place because I’m about to drop some bombs on how you can have all the clothes you want, and keep your wallet happy at the same time ( and if you have a husband / boyfriend/ soulmate... you can keep them happy, too). 


Are you excited about looking like a million bucks but only spend penny on your whole outfit and can’t wait to show off your purchase? Virtual high five, girl friend for we are not alone. After years of exercising the art of bargain hunting, here are five lessons I have learnt:


1/ Save your valuable time when shop

Go directly to the sale section. What’s more satisfying than relishing the fact that you can buy four five things for the price of one. 

Skip the change room: don’t waste your valuable time queuing for the change room, you can exchange it if it doesn’t fit. Queuing for the change room is for losers or those who have heaps of time. If you are at a big department store, and there’s a huge queue at the check out, save time and check out at the men or kids department, usually there’s not much of a queue there. 

I’m a big believer in shopping online. Online shopping can save you heaps of time. With a click of a button and you are all set. Time is money. Saving time is saving money. 

2/ Go solo

Go solo or go home. Never shop with small children. If you are a mum like me, organize a weekend when your husband/ brother/ mum can look after your kids and go treat yourself, you have earned it. Never shop with people who says things like: But you already have some thing like that. No body needs that sort of negativity in their lives!

If you have to take a man with you, simple park him at the nearest pub. Or in my case, an Internet cafe ( my husband is the biggest League of Legend nerd)

3/Buy in bulk 

Bulk buying in sales saves you money.

If you really like an item and it’s available in different colours and sufficiently reduced, take it in multiple shades!

If a spouse or loved one questions the amount that you have spent, quickly calculate and advise them of the amount that has been saved.

It’s not about how much money has left your account, it’s the amount saved!

4/Only buy in your size

If it’s too tight - don’t keep it. You won’t slim into it.

It's the same with shoes; if they are too tight or too roomy, you won’t wear them. 

5/Seasonal Shopping

Don’t worry about not getting much wear out of an item because it’s coming towards the end of a season.

It will still be waiting for you to wear next year.

I love it when I find an item that I’ve put away and forgotten about that I picked up in a sale.

I bought a fabulous white jumpsuit with cherry prints at the end of the summer sales that I can’t wait to get out when summer comes around again.

Things that are really reduced tend to be things like party dresses just after the party dress season. Pick up a bargain for next year’s Christmas do!

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