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The 5 Most Common Dresscodes & What dresses to wear to formal, cocktail, casual and more.

The 5 Most Common Dresscodes & What dresses to wear to formal, cocktail, casual and more.

Navigating dress codes can be down-right confusing! From black tie to business casual, formal to cocktail, we have rounded up & decoded the five most common dress codes - so you can look your best no matter the occasion. You're welcomed!


Casual can actually have quite a few different meanings - confusing I know! Casual for a wedding or a party usually means a floaty dress or a nice skirt and top, meanwhile casual for a work event could mean jeans, heels or a playful skirt and sweater. There are a few different variations of causal, and it would be wise to consider the venue, the host, the attendees and scale of the event 😉

We recommend you to stick to a great pair of well-fitting jeans or pants, with dressy tops and heels or boots. Casual dresses are also great if you'd like to be a bit dressy! Accessories and shoes can also be game changers. You can play down a ‘dressy’ dress with boots and jacket, or a simple pair of black jeans and white tee combo can be elevated with the right jewellery and a pair of pumps. Get creative and have fun with it!

Koogal Stripped jumpsuit - Casual clothes for women


Cocktail Party:

Cocktail parties or also know as semi-formal events are typically colourful and a llittle bit extravagant. We could have a little more fun with our outfits here - break out your party dresses for this fun occasion.

We would recommend to try and go for something flirty, fierce and fabulous; the sky is your limit when it comes to cocktail. Trendy accessories along with bold prints and colours are great!. A flowing, floral print dress or an embroidered mini will turn heads at a daytime event.

Cocktail Party Dress for women


Business Casual:

Business casual is become rather popular in the modern days, even outside the office. However, it can be a tricky one, especially if you’re on the hunt for something that can take you from 9 to after 5 with ease. Business causal is professional attire, which isn’t a full uniform or overly formal. 

We'd go for something a little more on the conservative side that you would still feel comfortable grabbing a drink in for knock-offs - like open-collared shirts and sweaters with a pencil skirt and tailored pants. 




Mostly, for formal events you can safely go for a floor-length gown, but you can also freely wear a statement cocktail dress.  You can also go for a bold pattern, bright colour or a striking silhouette.



Black tie:

Black Tie is the epitome of formal - this is as luxe as it gets, in fact, most black tie events don’t allow cocktail-length dresses or suits without jackets and ties.

A full-length gown is a must for the ladies at a black tie function. If you’re going to risk going shorter, keep it below the knee and make sure your dress is well-designed aka from a known designer :) Pair your look with your best jeweleries, considered makeup and hair, and an uber pair of heels.


So there we go - hopefully this short guide will help you navigating the confusing modern dress codes a bit easiler. Even the newly made-up dress codes like boho-chic, razzle-dazzle or fancy garden party are variation of these five dress codes. And you won't go stock sticking to the basics! 💌

With love,

Koogal team.

P/s: if you like this, check out how our girl at getting creative with the Slip Dress that is making waves all over the world.

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