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The ‘Universally Flattering’ dress & How to wear it...

The ‘Universally Flattering’ dress & How to wear it...


Summer means it’s time to pull out those summer dresses, singlets, shorts and killer bikinis. Among the endless fashion choices, there is a dress that you can not skip: the wrap dress

Not only it is pretty, super easy breezy to wear during the hot days, it ‘hacks’ your body so you look slimmer. This one of our fashion hacks for a taller and skinner look, for the full list, check out our "5 quick & easy fashion hacks".  Supermodels and A-listers alike are all fall head over heels for this summer go-to dress. 


 Image: Miranda Kerr, Behati and Louise Rose in their maxi wraps

You wear a wrap dress by forming a front closure, wrapping one side of the dress across the other. You then knot the attached ties at the waist. The wrapping of the two sides creates a V- neck, which is vital in the ‘hack” that makes you look slimmer. The classic wrap dress features a V-neck, waist tie and A-line skirt.

Why does a wrap dress make you look slimmer? 

Firstly, the V-neck creates a visual illusion of height, which slims down a larger frame. The point of the V- neck make you appear taller, it also creates the illusion of a slimmer neckline. 

==> Just like how our brain is wired to pay attention to the pointy end of the arrow, wearing a V-neck draws the attention away from your neck to your chest. Making your chest appear fuller. This is particularly useful if you have a double chin. Also, this tip applies to both women and men. 

V-neck maxi wrap dress from

 Image: a popular V-neck maxi dress wrap dress from Koogal

Secondly, wrap dress define everyone’s waist. The same reason why wearing a belt creates an hourglass figure, the waist tie of the wrap dress cinches on the slimmest portion of the torso. This gives an ultra-slimming effect. Paired with a v-neck, this double- effective-combo enhances your bust and slims your hips, making it a great option for those with a pear shape or banana shape. 

hestia-double-slit-hourglass-maxi-dress-by Koogal

Image: showing off hourglass figure in Koogal's Hestia maxi split dress

Thirdly, there are endless options on prints, dress length, sleeve length. By choosing the right prints, dress length and sleeve length for your body type, you can enhance your best features and hide the less- appealing ones. For example, for those with flabby arms and big calves, you can opt for a long sleeves option and midi length. Those with a petite frame and small chest, don’t choose big colourful patterns as it can overwhelm your frame, go for polka dots instead. By playing with different textures, colours, prints, mix and match your wrap dress with different kinds of accessories like mules, sneakers, cross shoulder bags etc you’ll fall I love with the wrap dress all over again. 

Nyx midi wrap dress in polka dot

 Image: Nyx mini wrap dress with vibrant polka dot pattern

Last but not least, the wrap dress knows no age. No matter how old you are, there is a wrap dress for you. Guaranteed!

Just like playing with the right length and print can do wonder for your body type, choosing the right options for your wrap dress can make this style timeless and appropriate for any age. If you prefer a little more coverage, try a longer sleeve length with a midi or maxi hemline. On the other hand, for the young and the bold, a sleeveless style with a deep V-neck with mini length is perfectly sexy and sassy for date night or drinks with the girls. 

In the world of fashion, you are the boss and the faithful wrap dress is your best employee, working to your best advantage. Just remember, a good dress can take you places, a smile can change the world, nothing is stopping you from changing the world while looking good!

Love xx


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