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Secret to a happier life: Wear a nice dress!

Secret to a happier life: Wear a nice dress!

Remember the last time you were feeling down? When your best friend dragged you out of the house and told you, "Get dressed up! You'll feel better!" after your last breakup/failed interview/lousy day, she was actually onto something¬†ūüĎć

It has been scientifically proven that when you dress in a certain way, it helps shift your internal self -  Your clothes could make you feel happier, more sexy, more powerful, more in control. This concept is called "enclothed cognition".

In a study from Northwestern University examined the concept, researchers distributed standard white lab coats to participants, telling some that it was a doctor's coat and some that it was a painter's smock. All participants performed the same task, but those wearing the "doctor's coat" were more careful and attentive. Their actions were influenced by their clothing.

The researchers define it in their report as "the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes".  This experiment gives scientific proof to the idea that you should dress not how you feel, but how you want to feel. Which clothes make you feel powerful? Sexy? In control? Wealthy? The clothes we choose are sending a message to those around us, but also to us, ourself.

So there you go, the next time you feel a little down, just put on your best dress and try to go out - You will instantly feel better¬†ūüíó¬†


During our nerdy episode researching on clothing psychology, we also came across some other interesting facts (all scientifically proven, no bamboozle):

  • Men are more likely to approach a women for a date if she is wearing red. No wonder our style guru always insists on wearing a long elegant red dress on the first date¬†ūüėć
  • Women are twice as likely to wear jeans when depressed than when happy. Put on a dress when you wanna cheer up girls!
  • Patients put more trust in a doctor who wears a white coat.
  • Diagonal lines placed on the body in the form of clothing detail or fabric create a slimmer illusion. I'm gonna wear this dress more often now¬†ūüėÖ¬†
  • Offenders receive a harsher sentence in court if they are wearing black.
  • Men check themselves in a mirror or reflection twice as often as women. Surprised, surprised!¬†
  • People walk faster when approaching someone wearing red than wearing blue.


    Thank you for reading our nerdy post - hope you'll find it useful. Leave us a comment if you like, feel free to suggest anything you would like us to cover in the future :)

    Dress well,

    Love from Koogal

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