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Posted on March 10 2014


 Crop top and Mesh skirt by KOOGAL ,  Flat by Zara, Vintage Inspired Sunnies: Thrifted from Vietnam


This is a convo between a lovely girl who works at the post office and me...

Girl: How's business? (After glancing at my bag filled with orders)

Me: It's going alright, I guess...

Girl: More than alright by the look of it

Me: Hehe, I wish,

Girl: It's usually like this, but then your online shop will grow heaps, and I'll be like: " I used to know that girl..." Don't forget me when you're big!

Me: Hehe, you're too sweet.

People says happiness are made up of little things, and conversation like this really make me happy. That and fulfilling, sending orders to you gals.

By the way, I hope you love handwriting notes, because all notes in your parcels are hand written by me xx

On a more related note to this post, words can not describe how much I love this amazing mesh skirt. We were lucky to shoot this romantic setting Darling Harbour has to offer. The sheerness of the skirt seems to flow with the ocean breeze and my circle sunnies made me look extremely relaxed. You can't really blame me, beautiful day like this makes me happy, and of course drinking a chilled Starbuck Green Tea Frap is part of the happiness too.






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