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Posted on November 11 2014

Wearing: KOOGAL Hyde Shift Dress/ Rubi Shoes Watermelon Pencil Case/ Vision Direct Sun Glasses

It seems my love of fruits doesn't stop at consuming them. So when I saw this Watermelon Pencil Case sold at Rubi, I knew I have to somehow own it and make it into a purse. Which was exactly what I did. I must say I was quite pleased with this DIY project, even though all I did was adding a detachable strap from my other purse to the gold zipper of the watermelon pencil case, and instantly it transformed.

I pair my watermelon purse with this amazing KOOGAL shift dress, with beautiful picturesque details I love enormously. This beautiful dress fit right in with the lovely weather on Saturday. We Sydneysiders were blessed with sprinkles of sunshine and light breeze.

I adore Sydney, simply because everything about this city keeps thriving as if nothing can stop it. The sky seems to be getting a clearer shade of blue as if a big storm didn't come yesterday. The sun keeps on shining as if the rain didn't visit just days before and people just keep on enjoying the present, not a single worry about tomorrow. After all Saturday is followed by Sunday, what do we have to worry about anyways?...


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