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Wearing: KOOGAL Maxi Dress/ Cotton on Fedora Hat


My favorite season of all is Spring. While Summer and Winter has their peaks, nothing can compare to cascading wall of blooms that Spring has to offer.Last week, a whole bunch of us traveled to Blue Mountain- 2 hour train ride from Sydney for the Annual Leura Flower Festival. We were quite lucky that we made it since it was the last day of the festival  and the blooms were at their prettiest.
This was my first time seeing cherry blossoms in real life and I could not help but squeal like a kid seeing candies. This I believe is a different type of cherry blossom compared to Japanese's sakura (which sadly, I haven't had a chance to see while I visited Japan). I looked quite calm and content in the pictures, but trust me I was going crazy over how beautiful it was. Walking underneath the overflowing pink flowers were like being awake in a pink dream, where a breeze means you are covered in pink soft petal confetti...
I chose this maxi dress because I knew it was going to be a hot day, and I needed something cool, trendy and practical for a lot of walking. The cute black fedora hat which I wear too often was a nice touch and keep my well protected under the Sun.
For me, there's nothing that I cherish more than to be with dear friends and loved ones, having BBQ for lunch, sharing a good laugh, sitting underneath the shades of the booming white blooms, breathing in the fresh crisp air, enjoying the present. We managed to capture the beautiful moment through our lenses, but for me the joyous feeling that I felt that day is well preserved in a small well-kept corner of my memories.



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