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Posted on April 12 2015

Summer has come to an end here in Australia and what it means is you will see me in heaps and heaps of layer soon.Winter and I have a little love-hate relationship. Sometimes I really love you, winter, especially when snoozing in my soft warm bed, but sometimes you make it a little bit hard to shoot photos. That's all. Today is an example, the wind was blowing so strong, my hat flew away while I posed near this awesome slide. Speaking of slide, I never noticed that we have one in our apartment building till I scout for location to shoot today's outfit . I love these over the knee boots and have been kind of waiting for winter to come so I can rock them out with my black faux leather skirt ( See, I just found one more reason to love Winter, hehe). It is just perfect that my skirt goes so well with my crisp white blouse. Whoever invented black and white together is a genius.
I have always been fascinated with color. (Just look at the color of my hair) Who would have thought the older I get the more black and white I wear. Who knows? It maybe a beginning of a new era where I embrace and have more fun with these two timeless colors (or shades)...
Enough of me rambling about my outfit. I'm so excited that there are heaps more cute dresses coming to KOOGAL over the next month. I'm definitely gonna keep a few for myself (because I'm a girl, duh) and you will see them popping up on the blog. Updating this blog more often is one of the things in my to-do list. Since installing the to-do app on my phone, I feel like I have been more productive. And I love ticking off stuff. Win!


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