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Wearing: KOOGAL Summer cut out dress, KOOGAL Floppy hat, Shoebox boots, Handmade Scalf


Last Monday was Queen's birthday and we were super happy because everyone got an extra day off ( Long lives the Queen). My Hubby and I decided to go on our own little adventure and went for one of the most beautiful walks from Rushcutters Bay to Rose Bay.

So the story was I found this list of 26 Sydney Walks that will take your breath away on Buzzfeed, and since we're living in Sydney, there is no excuse to not go on one of those walks.

So off we went, and we had such a lovely time that Mr Hubby wanted to make the walk a monthly thing now ( Whoohoo!). We started our 5.5km walk from the beautiful Cruising Yacht Club with hundreds of yachts parked on the calm harbour, walked past the hidden gem of Blackburn Gardens, which is the only access to a breath-taking secluded beach. We ended our walk at Lyne Park with a little picnic I packed the night before.  I felt extremely relaxed and grateful as I soaked up the warm sun, and watched several seaplanes roaming the sky above the Harbour...

I know I said this thousands of times before but everyday I'm counting my blessings and I must have done something right in my previous life that I feel so blessed, content and happy. I admit I'm not the most superstitious or religious person in the world, but I do believe strongly in Karma...

Two weeks from now, we will be on another little adventure and Mr Hubby and I will take off to escape the Winter of Sydney, to join one of Mr Hubby's best mates on his wedding day in Bali. I'm super excited and can hardly wait to wear many of my KOOGAL summer dresses, skirts and bikinis. Even though Winter just started, I miss Summer already =)

At the moment, I'm pinning like mad on Pinterest, trying to curate some cute tropical outfits and traveling tips. ( You gals can follow me on Pinterest here) Aww, I love the excitement that leading up to a holiday...





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