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13 things to do this Australia (that you can't do anywhere else)

13 things to do this Australia (that you can't do anywhere else)

Holy... Molly...

It's almost that time of the year... again. The most wonderful time of the year! and yes! It's time to start getting into the mood for the festive season. However, in Australia we do things differently. You won't see Santa wearing his red winter suit. That's because not only would he evaporate from the heat wearing his suit in December, but his reindeer would melt of heat exhaustion in such sweltering weather. If you imagine Santa wearing sunscreen, board shorts and a cap riding a surfboard pulled by six big kangaroos, zipping through the Aussie skies, then Bingo! you're right! Ding ding ding...

In that spirit of festiveness, I have created this epic list of 13 things to do this Christmas (the down under version)

1/Make cute water melon Christmas Trees (instruction via )

Now you can say: "I'm so hungry, I could eat a tree"

2/ See your message light up on the Christmas Tree at the Martin Place Christmas Tree (we'll be going on Friday 27th Nov)


3/ Splurge on this red flowy maxi dress

Hapa Time

4/ Celebrate Christmas Day at the beach, followed by a sizzling BBQ with 2kg of fresh prawns

  only in Straya...

Konart/Getty Images

5/ Plan a summer escape to experience a white Christmas (even if it's just a fantasy trip)



6/ Be an angel and share the gift of giving by volunteering at the Smith Family.


7/ Avoid the madness and shop after Christmas sale (online, in your tank top and boxers)

8/ Watch the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on Boxing Day 

9/Go for a ride and admire your neighbor's Christmas decoration.

10/ Believe in magic as colorful light projected on the St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney


11/ Make this Cocktail Umbrella Wreath (via

                  Because we are all about recycling here...


12/ make cherries dipped in white chocolate for Christmas Dinner (instruction via Simple Provisions)

                               Cherries in season are dirt cheap and delicious...


13/ Wake up early to open presents under the Christmas Tree

                    close enough, mate...



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