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The world is a book...

The world is a book...
Wearing: floral maxi dress / Red Fedora hat/ Thrifted Box Clutch/ Flee Market wood ring
Recently, Hubby and I have discovered a new hang-out place: the beautiful Kinokuniya book store. Yes! real bookstore still exists, hallelujah!!!
Being a big kid that he is, my hubby would be lost in the manga/ anime section. As for myself, being a huge fictional nerd that I am, he would look for me among the magical worlds of elves, witches, wizards, gods, goddesses... when he's finished. 
In the book store, my favourite reading place would be this window near the children section. Not only because it's filled with natural light, and I can look down and watch tiny people crossing George street, but also I love to listen (eavesdrop) to the funny and innocent conversations between little people.
Found my new favourite Norse mythology novel, my floral maxi dress kept me super cool in this heat, my belt and bag incidentally matched, I was a happy chappi that day. Besides living in maxi dresses, I also love to wear high waisted pants and a crop top because I have no curves what so ever and the high waist makes my legs seem super long. 
I have always admired those who can pull off a bodycon dress. I think bodycon is so sexy and empowering, as long as you have the booties to show it off. As for me, I would stick to what works with my body, eg: flowy maxi dress, high waisted pants and long jumpsuit 
Hope you're having a super nice day! xx


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