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Happy Easter 2017- Blue infinity dress and how to wear it

Happy Easter 2017- Blue infinity dress and how to wear it

Blue wrap maxi Dress: KOOGAL Sunnies: COTTON ON


Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Everyone is on holiday because here in Australia we have a 4 day-long-weekend, which is really nice. Every year we tend to go away during the holiday, this year is a bit different as little Andy is a little too little to travel ( We have big plans for him when he's a bit older in term of traveling, though). Even though he's still tiny, in my eyes he has grown heaps during the last two months. He was only 2.7 kg when he was born but oh so perfect. 

Even though motherhood is challenging, especially the breastfeeding part ( I feel like I'm forever glued to my breast pump), I find my heart full of love and happiness. Watching my husband taking care of little Andy is so cute. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect man. I have said this before but every day I wake up and just feel so thankful for what I have. I must have done something right in the past life, ha.

The weather was beautiful so we took little Andy out for a walk around the neighbourhood. Our neighbourhood happens to be the beautiful Darling Harbour and I'm extremely grateful that one of the best views in the city is just a stone throw away from our home. 

I love how A makes the funniest faces after he wakes up from his nap. I'm pumping constantly to keep up with how much he feeds. My beautiful mother in law stayed with us for the first month and a half after Andy was born and she adored him. She also cooked us beautiful home-made meals and it makes me wished she lived closer to us.

On a side note, I forever love twirling in this beautiful blue infinity maxi dress . The thing I love about flowy maxi dresses is that they are so easy to just throw on and not worry about what to wear with it and bam! you instantly look great. 

Hope you are all having a good day! xx


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