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How to get away with wearing a pretty white backless maxi dress in the middle of Winter and not freeze your ass off...


Wearing: KOOGAL Bali Dream Maxi Dress/ Sportsgirl Boat Hat

After our trip to Bali, coming back to Sydney to bear the cold has me miss the warm sun more than I would have imagined. So, last Sunday, even though it was still cold, the sun has finally decided to come out and play, not wanting to miss the chance, we packed our bag and jumped on the next ferry to Fresh Water Reserve, and it was such a lovely day.

Even though the water was icy cold and it was impossible to have a dip, I felt extremely summery. I think I have this lovely "Bali Dream" white maxi dress which I chose for the day to thank for. The delicate lace and the backless details was such a perfect combination. Being flat- chested (yeah, I said it), I always try to emphasize my back and shoulder rather than my front. I teamed it with my trusted warm fluffy cardigan and the result was so fulfilling that I'm determined to wear more summer maxi dresses in winter now.

We left the beach before the sun was down, and was so fortunate to catch a magnificent sunset view of the grand Harbour Bridge from our ferry. The breath-taking view was so worth embracing the icy wind siting in an open area. I will definitely do it again, but hopefully next time the temperature will pick up its game a notch.



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