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Mega babe Shanda Rogers shows us how to transform a flowy maxi wrap dress into Coachella masterpiece. And it's easier than you think...

Mega babe Shanda Rogers shows us how to transform a flowy maxi wrap dress into Coachella masterpiece. And it's easier than you think...

With Coachella weekends approaching. Festival season is officially here. If you still don't have your outfit planned yet, don't fret! Style blogger and mega babe Shanda Rogers will inspire you to transform your everyday summer dress into an amazing festival outfit.Styling and photo credit of Shanda Rogers- View her original blog post here 

Step1: Pick a dress that was made for dancing in the sun.

Shanda picked this flowy red polka dot maxi wrap dress and it couldn't be more perfect for spending the day in the dessert. The maxi dress is easy and breezy- perfect for that dessert weather. One thing I love about maxi is the length which in this case is such a god-sent when the heat is blazing and the sun is out partying with the crowd. And the sweet deal is after Coachella, this dress becomes your Spring Summer staple piece that you wear everywhere to brunch, picnic or the beach.

Fast forward to Halloween, with a pair of Minnie Mouse ears and you have yourself a cute Halloween outfit. 3 birds- 1 stone. Checked! 

Shop her amazing versatile wrap dress here

Step 2: Edge it up with the right blings

Shanda has toughened this look up with a lot of accessories, and it shows how far the right accessories can take a look. Shanda mixed a wide range of jewelries for this look. I love how she added a bohemian inspired belt to give this look that carefree boho vibe. Don't be afraid to go all out with your blings. Give it a cool factor that is totally in line with sunny festival vibes!

Step 3: A statement pair of sunnies is a must for any outdoor festival

One thing I remember about Coachella is all the dust! That's why a statement pair of sunnies is a festival necessity. It's a cool accessories- and it's great to protect your eyesight. 

Step 4: Give a girl the right shoes... 

Shanda has toughed up the sweet feminine summer polka dot dress with some cool boots. The boots really did elevate the whole look from Sunday brunch to fun day at the dessert

Step 5: Don't forget to add a cute bag

The reason why women spend a fortune on hand bags is because she needs her hands free for more important stuff such as that delish cocktails and phone to take a selfie. Don't get caught without a cute bag at music festivals. 

That's it girls! Going to music festivals doesn't have to cost a fortune to buy a brand new wardrobe. Work with what you already have and remember to enjoy the music and take lots of photo because you look cute AF. 


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