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About Us


Our Mission: Helping women look amazing, feel sexy and dress beautifully with affordable trendy fashion items and cute dresses. Maxi dress| Casual dress| Summer dress| Wrap dress| Mini dress| Prom dress Party dress

 Story of our founder

My name is Tram Tran, a regular Sydney girl =).
KOOGAL /koo-gaol/ was founded in early 2012 by me, with a simple goal to help women find the perfect clothes that feel good to wear, but also doesn't cost a fortune.
Founding KOOGAL was the second most important decision in my life (the first one being married to my hubby, but that’s another story) . It all started back in high-school days with my eBay store, and I never forget the buzz of helping the first customer to find her perfect dress. It has been a few years since my first customer, but that sensation from helping a girl I never met is still as strong as ever. You’ll always be with someone you know and trust, every time you shop with us at KOOGAL. The name "KOOGAL" was chosen not only because it sounds super cool, but also in hope that it’ll become the place where girls can dress up, have fun and express their "kool"
(Just like us in the pic below =)


How awesome is KOOGAL? What do you guys offer?

KOOGAL always carries a sense of helpfulness (ask any of our customers how nice we are), and will always try our best to offer the best prices (we managed to cut down the middle men, so you can get more values for your money). You will be taken care by our friendly and genuine staffs every time you shop at KOOGAL.