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This beautiful dress is inspired from the tale of Minerva- the Roman goddess of wisdom. She is so awesome that she is the goddess of many awesome things such as: poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, and magic. 

Minerva was born from the head of Jupiter, patriarch of the Roman pantheon. Why his head? Well, Jupiter was once told a prophecy that his child would become more powerful than him, and so upon finding out that he had impregnated the titaness Metis, he swallowed her whole. Still alive inside of Jupiter, Metis made armor and weapons for her daughter, and all this commotion gave Jupiter a headache. He had the smithing god split his head open, and out jumped Minerva, fully-grown and decked out in armor. Minerva became the goddess of wisdom and is famously one of the virgin goddesses who fiercely protects her chastity.

Now you can be the big badass lady boss she is in this beautiful polka dot midi dress. Styling and photo credit of Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage 


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