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This beautiful dress is inspired from the moon goddess Selene. She is often seen wearing her crown with a crescent moon when she rides her white chariot of the moon across the sky each night. Her brother, Helios, does the same thing each morning in his golden sun chariot.

She is pretty much the boss of the night and an ultimate badass, for without her, we won't get any sleep (unless you are a party animal)

That's how awesome Selene is! And now you can wear this dress inspired by her. That's pretty amazing!

August release have been sold out on size M, only a few size S and L left ! xx

Update 10th Sep 16:  Next release will be on October 10th - Size S and M is now available for pre-order. Thank you and Love xx

Update 24th Oct 16: Size M has been sold out, there are only a few size S and L left. 

Update 20th Nov 16: All size are now available for purchase. Thank you and Love xx



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